No-Show Policy for Scheduled Appointments


No-shows are tracked across campus, but separately across the different units. Advising and Tutoring/Mentoring, for example, do not share the same no-show counter or limitations. However, all Advising appointments at any location share the same counter so if a student no-shows three times for three Advising appointments across three different locations, they'll be blocked from making appointments, but for Advising only.

It is the responsibility of the student to manage their schedule and cancel appointments far enough in advance to avoid no-shows.

Reaching the Limit

Once the limit of no-shows is reached or exceeded, the student will be blocked from making their own appointments in Spartan Connect. The limits are different for each area. For example, advising and tutoring/mentoring have separate counters so if a student is blocked from appointments in advising they are not automatically blocked from appointments in tutoring/mentoring.

No-shows can be counted on appointments:

  • The student cancels too close to the start time (based on the policy of the scheduled location)

  • marked as no-show by the staff with which the appointment was scheduled (or other appropriate staff)

No-shows will not be counted if the appointment is cancelled by staff.

Current Limits

  • Academic Advising: three (3) or more no-shows within the last 120 days

  • Tutoring & Mentoring: no-show three (3) or more no-shows within the last 160 days

  • Career Counselling: three (3) or more no-shows within the last 120 days

Resetting the Counter

The no-show counter will automatically allow appointment self-scheduling once the number of no-shows is below the limit, within the specified time period.


Students are notified whenever they’re marked as a no-show for an appointment. Students will also see if they will be marked as a no-show when cancelling an appointment if the time of the cancellation is too close to the start time of the appointment (location-dependent).

Students will not see that they’ve reached the no-show limit when attempting to schedule another appointment, it will only show with no available times. Students will still be able to view drop-in availability.